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Cyril Galamini Big Band

Honorig the great tradition of jazz big bands, Cyril Galamini presents modern arrangements of swing and soul classics and some of his original compositions.

From Duke Ellington to Bruno Mars going through Ray Charles or Quincy Jones, the main repertoire of the band is a nod to the Kings and Queens of Soul. Along the tunes, the dancing tradition of the big band is never forgotten and brings freshness and energy to the big band usual repertoire.

The Swingin' Mustard

Exploring the Great American Songbook  repertoire along with French and Greek traditional songs from the XXth century, this quintet of talented young musicians shares a fresh and elegant music for concerts or private events.

Monika Kabasele (v)

Cyril Galamini (tb, dir)

Schneor Dasniere-ini (g)

Philippe Brassoud (b)

Laurent Sarrien (d)

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Ensemble Echos

This acoustic trio was born from the meeting of its three members while studying at the Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP).

Looking for new sound textures combining the breeze of the accordion and the blowing of the trombone, this atypical band revisits the jazz repertoire, from the era of Fats Waller to the more contemporary one of Dave Holland, and brings to life compositions from the members of the ensemble.


Cyril Galamini (tb)

Noé Clerc (accordion)

Nicolas Jacobée (b)

The Peaky Sliders

French based brass band mixing pop tunes, rock sounds and grooves from New Orleans !

Ophélie Laroche (voc, perc, dir)

Cyril Galamini (tb, dir, arr)

Tahina Razafindratsiva (tb)

Max Arbieu (tb)

Simon Martin (g)

Philippe Gallois (tuba)

Nino Zuppardo (d)

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Quentin Lourties' octet: "The Epic Saga"

Modern jazz octet led by trumpeter and composer Quentin Lourties. By studying the relationship between music and image, the group explores various ambiances and shares some high-voltage energy !

Quentin Lourties (tp, dir)

Cyril Galamini (tb)

Antoine Martin (as)

Hugo Afettouche (ts, fl)

Charles Heisser (p)

Martin Ferreyros (g)

Juan Villarroel (b)

Theo Moutou (d)

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Dirty Jazz Corner

Co-led with trumpeter Quentin Lourties, this project has an original concept: transcribing and recording a few tunes from a legendary jazz album.

By approaching a repertoire and an esthetic, the goal is to get as close as possible to the original sound while keeping our freedom in improvisation.
4-5 tunes, a single 2-hour session, a Zoom recorder and let's go!

Variable bands

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Big Bands ...

With a strong experience in large groups, Cyril had the opportunity to play among others with the EuroRadio Jazz Orchestra, the Nice Jazz Orchestra, the Azur Big Band, Dany Doriz's big band, the Dedication Big Band...


Here on bass trombone in Jean-Loup Longnon's big band

Sunny Swing Big Band

Amateur ensemble based on the French Riviera Cyril has directed from 2012 to 2019 and for which he has written arrangements as well.

Here's the band in 2019 at the Festival de La-Colle-sur-Loup, playing a transcription and adaptation of Wycliffe Gordon's arrangement on Ellington's "Mood Indigo"

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